UPDATE: Jodie's is still open!

With a lot of hard work, Jodie's Restaurant has submitted newly revised floor plans to Alameda County. We've show that we're serious and are working things out with an extended deadline from the County.

This is the third revision of plans to renovate the current space on Masonic Ave. If they are accepted by County officials, then we'll be taking these plans to City officials, where more revisions and costs may be added to meet the latest codes.

In the meantime we are actively seeking a trustworthy contractor to turn these plans into reality and keep this "third place" going. We're still open while all of this happens, so come over to enjoy a meal at Jodie's.

THANK YOU for your support!

What's the Problem?

After 24 years of business, Jodie's Restaurant has been struggling to find a new space where it will have enough room to continue serving one-of-a-kind breakfast plates to the community.

New health and building requirements have made it almost impossible for Jodie's to stay open under the BART track in Albany, CA. Jodie must raise at least $15,000 to keep its doors open to all.

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$5,171 Raised!

Where Will My Contribution Go?

Our six-seat diner needs to be renovated to meet the latest building code requirements. $15,000 will help keep the doors open. $50,000 will enable the restaurant to relocate altogether.

Your contribution will help Jodie's:

  1. Upgrade the kitchen hood with new ventilation, circulation and fire safety mechanisms
  2. Install a fourth sink to meet city hand-washing requirements
  3. Install new counters and shelves for prep and storage
  4. Overhaul the floors, windows, and doors
  5. Repair a leaky roof
  6. Invest in relocation if the opportunity arises

Why Does Jodie's Matter?

Even if you don't live near Jodie's, please know that it is a special place that deserves your attention.

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Jodie's Restaurant is more than a diner. It's an essential mom-and-pop business that has literally fed a generation with love and care. Just ask Jodie, who can tell you any number of stories of children he has seen grow up right across his counter.

In addition to serving fresh, original food to one and all, Jodie has personally donated to local schools and charities. He has always been generous with his food, his time, and his earnings when the local community is concerned.

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The Silver Lining

If our efforts succeed, Jodie’s will finally be able to bring back its famous fried chicken, which diners across the Bay Area have been missing and longing for since May 2011.

Jodie's has been unable to serve this chicken for nearly three years because it requires more storage and prep space than the restaurant can currently handle. While Jodie was able to serve his pan-fried chicken for two decades by preparing the birds at home, the local health department will not allow this to continue -- despite the fact that Jodie's has an "A" rating when it comes to sanitation.

The improvements made possible by your contribution will bring Jodie's fried chicken back into the lives of many happy diners.

"It's our responsibility, don't get us wrong. We just need help. There's only so much we can do."

-Jodie Royston

Contributions are NOT tax deductible.
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